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Biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews


The Best SF

Here are the top twenty of the books reviewed at SF Reviews. In fact, here are all of the books reviewed, in order of ranking, with the top twenty first.

It's not yet my definitive list: I have still have hundreds of reviews to upload, including reviews of some of my favorite books.

  1. "Lord Of Light" by Roger Zelazny
  2. "Michaelmas" by Algis J. Budrys
  3. "Time Enough For Love" by Robert A. Heinlein
  4. "Ringworld" by Larry Niven
  5. "Fourth Mansions" by R. A. Lafferty
  6. "Free Live Free" by Gene Wolfe
  7. "Marrow" by Robert Reed
  8. "Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand" by Samuel R. Delany
  9. "Stand On Zanzibar" by John Brunner
  10. "The Lathe of Heaven" by Ursula K. Le Guin
  11. "The Forever War" by Joe Haldeman
  12. "The Man In The High Castle" by Philip K. Dick
  13. "Footfall" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  14. "Lucifer's Hammer" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  15. "Pavane" by Keith Roberts
  16. "The Exile Waiting" by Vonda N. McIntyre
  17. "The Ophiuchi Hotline" by John Varley
  18. "The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress" by Robert A. Heinlein
  19. "Virtual Light" by William Gibson
  20. "Mona Lisa Overdrive" by William Gibson

OK, that's the top twenty best books, now here's the rest, continuing best to worst.

  1. "Bug Jack Barron" by Norman Spinrad
  2. "The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch" by Philip K. Dick
  3. "All Tomorrow's Parties" by William Gibson
  4. "A Case Of Conscience" by James Blish
  5. "Sea Of Glass" by Barry B. Longyear
  6. "The Big Time" by Fritz Leiber
  7. "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson
  8. "Farnham's Freehold" by Robert A. Heinlein
  9. "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
  10. "Count Zero" by William Gibson
  11. "Candy Man" by Vincent King
  12. "The Mote in God's Eye" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  13. "The Shockwave Rider" by John Brunner
  14. "Appleseed" by John Clute
  15. "The Sparrow" by Mary Doria Russell
  16. "Behold the Man" by Michael Moorcock
  17. "Wizard" by John Varley
  18. "The Gripping Hand" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  19. "The Ringworld Engineers" by Larry Niven
  20. "Children Of God" by Mary Doria Russell
  21. "This Immortal" by Roger Zelazny
  22. "The Demolished Man" by Alfred Bester
  23. "Gateway" by Frederik Pohl
  24. "I Will Fear No Evil" by Robert A. Heinlein
  25. "Marooned In Realtime" by Vernor Vinge
  26. "Ancillary Justice" by Ann Leckie
  27. "Synners" by Pat Cadigan
  28. "Today We Choose Faces" by Roger Zelazny
  29. "Concrete Island" by J. G. Ballard
  30. "Time Out Of Joint" by Philip K. Dick
  31. "Doomsday Book" by Connie Willis
  32. "The Jagged Orbit" by John Brunner
  33. "Firestar" by Michael Flynn
  34. "Lodestar" by Michael Flynn
  35. "The Terminal Beach" by J. G. Ballard
  36. "Black Easter" by James Blish
  37. "Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang" by Kate Wilhelm
  38. "Ringworld's Children" by Larry Niven
  39. "Rogue Star" by Michael Flynn
  40. "Falling Stars" by Michael Flynn
  41. "The Postman" by David Brin
  42. "Slant" by Greg Bear
  43. "The Drowned World" by J. G. Ballard
  44. "Light" by M. John Harrison
  45. "The Jesus Incident" by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom
  46. "Eon" by Greg Bear
  47. "Foundation" by Isaac Asimov
  48. "Days Of Cain" by J. R. Dunn
  49. "Deepsix" by Jack McDevitt
  50. "Mindbridge" by Joe Haldeman
  51. "ORA:CLE" by Kevin O'Donnell Jr.
  52. "Beowolf's Children" by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes
  53. "The Dragons Of Heorot" by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes
  54. "Five Twelfths Of Heaven" by Melissa Scott
  55. "The Man Who Japed" by Philip K. Dick
  56. "Dead Girls" by Richard Calder
  57. "Light A Last Candle.rvw"" by Vincent King
  58. "The House On The Borderland" by William Hope Hodgson
  59. "Ancillary Mercy" by Ann Leckie
  60. "Standing Wave" by Howard V. Hendrix
  61. "Brasyl" by Ian McDonald
  62. "Memories" by Mike McQuay
  63. "Brother Termite" by Patricia Anthony
  64. "Now Wait For Last Year" by Philip K. Dick
  65. "Bring The Jubilee.rvw"" by Ward Moore
  66. "Accelerando" by Charles Stross
  67. "Analogue Men" by Damon Knight
  68. "The Recollection" by Gareth L. Powell
  69. "The Archivist" by Gill Alderman
  70. "Empire of the Sun" by J. G. Ballard
  71. "The Engines Of God" by Jack McDevitt
  72. "Leviathan Wakes" by James S. A. Corey
  73. "Caliban's War" by James S. A. Corey
  74. "Abaddon's Gate" by James S. A. Corey
  75. "Cibola Burn" by James S. A. Corey
  76. "Nemesis Games" by James S. A. Corey
  77. "Babylon's Ashes" by James S. A. Corey
  78. "Persepolis Rising" by James S. A. Corey
  79. "Tiamet's Wrath" by James S. A. Corey
  80. "Nova Swing" by M. John Harrison
  81. "Roadmarks" by Roger Zelazny
  82. "Across Realtime" by Vernor Vinge
  83. "The Subtle Knife" by Philip Pullman
  84. "The Amber Spyglass" by Philip Pullman
  85. "The Dosadi Experiment" by Frank Herbert
  86. "All Clear" by Connie Willis
  87. "Blackout" by Connie Willis
  88. "Methuselah's Children" by Robert A. Heinlein
  89. "Mother Of Storms" by John Barnes
  90. "Martian Time Slip" by Philip K. Dick
  91. "Perdido Street Station" by China Mieville
  92. "Full Tide Of Night" by J. R. Dunn
  93. "A Song for a New Day" by Sarah Pinsker
  94. "Heavy Weather" by Bruce Sterling
  95. "Beggars In Spain" by Nancy Kress
  96. "The Skinner" by Neal Asher
  97. "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson
  98. "Days Of Atonement" by Walter Jon Williams
  99. "Mortal Remains" by Christopher Evans
  100. "Half Life" by Hal Clement
  101. "High-Rise" by J. G. Ballard
  102. "Tool Of The Trade" by Joe Haldeman
  103. "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi
  104. "A Gift Upon The Shore" by M. K. Wren
  105. "Broken Time" by Maggy Thomas
  106. "Gridlinked" by Neal Asher
  107. "The Reality Dysfunction - Emergence" by Peter F. Hamilton
  108. "Stranger In A Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein
  109. "Dies The Fire" by S. M. Stirling
  110. "Fool's War" by Sarah Zettel
  111. "The Peace War" by Vernor Vinge
  112. "To Crush The Moon" by Wil McCarthy
  113. "To Your Scattered Bodies Go" by Philip Jose Farmer
  114. "British Summertime" by Paul Cornell
  115. "The Dispossessed" by Ursula K. Le Guin
  116. "Revelation Space" by Alastair Reynolds
  117. "The Reality Dysfunction - Expansion" by Peter F. Hamilton
  118. "The Neutronium Alchemist - Conflict" by Peter F. Hamilton
  119. "Hot Head" by Simon Ings
  120. "The Patterns Of Chaos" by Colin Kapp
  121. "The Fourth World" by Dennis Danvers
  122. "Speed Of Dark" by Elizabeth Moon
  123. "The Lazarus Effect" by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom
  124. "Homeworld" by Harry Harrison
  125. "The Coming" by Joe Haldeman
  126. "Finity" by John Barnes
  127. "Demon" by John Varley
  128. "The Day Of The Triffids" by John Wyndham
  129. "The Star Fraction" by Ken MacLeod
  130. "Alien Earth" by Megan Lindholm
  131. "Greenhouse Summer" by Norman Spinrad
  132. "The Windup Girl" by Paolo Bacigalupi
  133. "The Neutronium Alchemist - Consolidation" by Peter F. Hamilton
  134. "Brain Wave" by Poul Anderson
  135. "Sister Alice" by Robert Reed
  136. "Hotwire" by Simon Ings
  137. "Zero History" by William Gibson
  138. "Alien Sex" by Ellen Datlow
  139. "Magellan" by Colin Anderson
  140. "Isle Of The Dead" by Roger Zelazny
  141. "A Memory Called Empire" by Arkady Martine
  142. "Breakers" by Edward W. Robertson
  143. "Melt Down" by Edward W. Robertson
  144. "The Martian" by Andy Weir
  145. "Glasshouse" by Charles Stross
  146. "Spin State" by Chris Moriaty
  147. "A Season For Slaughter" by David Gerrold
  148. "Hammered" by Elizabeth Bear
  149. "The Ascension Factor" by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom
  150. "Dune" by Frank Herbert
  151. "Whipping Star" by Frank Herbert
  152. "To Hold Infinity" by John Meaney
  153. "Steel Beach" by John Varley
  154. "The Execution Channel" by Ken MacLeod
  155. "Intrusion" by Ken MacLeod
  156. "Fire On The Border" by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.
  157. "The Rituals Of Infinity" by Michael Moorcock
  158. "Prador Moon" by Neal Asher
  159. "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson
  160. "Spin" by Robert Charles Wilson
  161. "Theories Of Flight" by Simon Morden
  162. "Capacity" by Tony Ballantyne
  163. "Occupy Me" by Tricia Sullivan
  164. "A Fire Upon The Deep" by Vernor Vinge
  165. "Rainbow's End" by Vernor Vinge
  166. "Report on Probability A" by Brian W. Aldiss
  167. "The Crystal World" by J. G. Ballard
  168. "The Overloaded Man" by J. G. Ballard
  169. "Dune Messiah" by Frank Herbert
  170. "Breakfast In The Ruins" by Michael Moorcock
  171. "The Einstein Intersection" by Samuel R. Delany
  172. "The Z Sting" by Ian Wallace
  173. "Between The Strokes OF Night" by Charles Sheffield
  174. "Bellwether" by Connie Willis
  175. "Moving Mars" by Greg Bear
  176. "The Sky Road" by Ken MacLeod
  177. "Code Of Conduct" by Kristine Smith
  178. "The Naked God" by Peter F. Hamilton
  179. "Knight Moves" by Walter Jon Williams
  180. "Harm's Way" by Colin Greenland
  181. "A Matter For Men" by David Gerrold
  182. "Queen Of Angels" by Greg Bear
  183. "Forever Free" by Joe Haldeman
  184. "Mercedes Nights" by Michael Weaver
  185. "Kiln People" by David Brin
  186. "A Day For Damnation" by David Gerrold
  187. "Remnant Population" by Elizabeth Moon
  188. "Cosmonaut Keep" by Ken MacLeod
  189. "Learning The World" by Ken MacLeod
  190. "Red Dust" by Paul J. McAuley
  191. "Hominids" by Robert J. Sawyer
  192. "Nightside Of The Long Sun" by Gene Wolfe
  193. "Titan" by John Varley
  194. "The Inner Wheel" by Keith Roberts
  195. "Polity Agent" by Neal Asher
  196. "Future Of Another Timeline" by Annalee Newitz
  197. "Flashback" by Dan Simmons
  198. "End Of Days" by Dennis Danvers
  199. "The Inferno" by Fred Hoyle and Geoffrey Hoyle
  200. "Descent" by Ken MacLeod
  201. "Earthweb" by Mark Stiegler
  202. "Happy Policeman" by Patricia Anthony
  203. "Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said" by Philip K. Dick
  204. "Reclamation" by Sarah Zettel
  205. "Hothouse" by Brian W. Aldiss
  206. "A Maze of Death" by Philip K. Dick
  207. "Earth Unaware" by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
  208. "Jumping Off The Planet" by David Gerrold
  209. "Bouncing Off The Moon" by David Gerrold
  210. "Eater" by Gregory Benford
  211. "Heathern" by Jack Womack
  212. "Cowboy Angels" by Paul J. McAuley
  213. "Fairyland" by Paul J. McAuley
  214. "Engine City (The Engines of Light, Book 3)" by Ken MacLeod
  215. "Fools" by Pat Cadigan
  216. "Greenwar" by Steven Gould and Laura J. Mixon
  217. "Secret Realms" by Tom Cool
  218. "Imperial Earth" by Arthur C. Clarke
  219. "The Sky So Big And Black" by John Barnes
  220. "The Seeds Of Time" by Kay Kenyon
  221. "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman
  222. "The Well Of Stars" by Robert Reed
  223. "A Deepness In The Sky" by Vernor Vinge
  224. "City On Fire" by Walter Jon Williams
  225. "The Collapsium" by Wil McCarthy
  226. "Trial By Fire" by Charles Gannon
  227. "After Atlas" by Emma Newman
  228. "Redemption Ark" by Alastair Reynolds
  229. "This Alien Shore" by C. S. Friedman
  230. "Iron Sunrise" by Charles Stross
  231. "Mars Crossing" by Geoffrey A. Landis
  232. "In The Ocean Of Night" by Gregory Benford
  233. "Bold As Love" by Gwyneth Jones
  234. "Foundation And Empire" by Isaac Asimov
  235. "Vigilant" by James Alan Gardner
  236. "Forever Peace" by Joe Haldeman
  237. "Orbital Resonance" by John Barnes
  238. "Twistor" by John Cramer
  239. "The Stone Canal" by Ken MacLeod
  240. "The Space Between Worlds" by Micaiah Johnson
  241. "The Nano Flower" by Peter F. Hamilton
  242. "The Penultimate Truth" by Philip K. Dick
  243. "Shield" by Poul Anderson
  244. "Gypsies" by Robert Charles Wilson
  245. "Playing God" by Sarah Zettel
  246. "The Risen Empire" by Scott Westerfield
  247. "The Family Tree" by Sheri S. Tepper
  248. "Singer From The Sea" by Sheri S. Tepper
  249. "Prisoner Of Conscience" by Susan R. Matthews
  250. "Maul" by Tricia Sullivan
  251. "Mars Underground" by William K. Hartmann
  252. "Against A Dark Background" by Iain M. Banks
  253. "The Preserving Machine And Other Stories" by Philip K. Dick
  254. "The Age OF The Pussyfoot" by Frederik Pohl
  255. "Green Mars" by Kim Stanley Robinson
  256. "Woman On The Edge OF Time" by Marge Piercy
  257. "Outpassage" by Janet Morris and Chris Morris
  258. "The Departure" by Neal Asher
  259. "The Quiet Invasion" by Sarah Zettel
  260. "To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars" by Christopher Paolini
  261. "Vurt" by Jeff Noon
  262. "This Fragile Earth" by Susannah Wise
  263. "The Santoraga Barrier" by Frank Herbert
  264. "Rim" by Alexander Besher
  265. "The City In The Middle Of The Night" by Charlie Jane Anders
  266. "A Rage For Revenge" by David Gerrold
  267. "Hegira" by Greg Bear
  268. "Quarantine" by Greg Egan
  269. "Great Sky River" by Gregory Benford
  270. "The End Of Eternity" by Isaac Asimov
  271. "The Long Result" by John Brunner
  272. "The Dragon Waiting" by John M. Ford
  273. "Stamping Butterflies" by Jon Courtney Grimwood
  274. "Tropic Of Creation" by Kay Kenyon
  275. "The Cassini Division" by Ken MacLeod
  276. "Newton's Wake" by Ken MacLeod
  277. "The Moat Around Murcheson's Eye" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  278. "Monument" by Lloyd Biggle Jr.
  279. "All Systems Red" by Martha Wells
  280. "Cowl" by Neal Asher
  281. "Little Heroes" by Norman Spinrad
  282. "Unto Leviathan" by Richard Paul Russo
  283. "Orphanage" by Robert Buettner
  284. "A Grey Moon Over China" by Thomas A. Day
  285. "Tiger! Tiger!" by Alfred Bester
  286. "Sundiver" by David Brin
  287. "Inferno" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  288. "Final Circuit" by Melinda M. Snodgrass
  289. "Greybeard" by Brian W. Aldiss
  290. "The Green Brain" by Frank Herbert
  291. "Kaleidoscope Century" by John Barnes
  292. "Knifepoint" by Edward W. Robertson
  293. "Reapers" by Edward W. Robertson
  294. "Cut Off" by Edward W. Robertson
  295. "Children Of The Thunder" by John Brunner
  296. "Century Rain" by Alastair Reynolds
  297. "Passage" by Connie Willis
  298. "Carnival" by Elizabeth Bear
  299. "Darwin's Radio" by Greg Bear
  300. "Dark Light" by Ken MacLeod
  301. "The Burning City" by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
  302. "Shadow Of The Hegemon" by Orson Scott Card
  303. "Speaking Dreams" by Severna Park
  304. "Dark Matter" by Blake Crouch
  305. "The Broken Lands" by Fred Saberhagan
  306. "Wheelers" by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen
  307. "Random Acts Of Senseless Violence" by Jack Womack
  308. "City Of Pearl" by Karen Traviss
  309. "Polar City Blues" by Katharine Kerr
  310. "Proxies" by Laura J. Mixon
  311. "Thunder Rift" by Matthew Farrell
  312. "Beyond The Barrier" by Damon Knight
  313. "The Gone World" by Tom Sweterlitsch
  314. "Downbelow Station" by C. J. Cherryh
  315. "Shiva Descending" by Gregory Benford and William Rotsler
  316. "Mappa Mundi" by Justina Robson
  317. "Freeze Frames" by Katharine Kerr
  318. "The End of Eternity" by Isaac Asimov
  319. "Saturn's Children" by Charles Stross
  320. "Angel Stations" by Gary Gibson
  321. "Odyssey" by Jack McDevitt
  322. "Overshoot" by Mona Clee
  323. "Mindplayers" by Pat Cadigan
  324. "The Puppet Masters" by Robert A. Heinlein
  325. "Technogensis" by Syne Mitchell
  326. "Metaplanetary" by Tony Daniel
  327. "Attack Surface" by Cory Doctorow
  328. "Dawn" by Octavia E. Butler
  329. "Clip Joint" by Wilhelmina Baird
  330. "The Forge of God" by Greg Bear
  331. "Oracle" by Ian Watson
  332. "Blank Slate" by Mark J. McGarry
  333. "Parable Of The Talents" by Octavia Butler
  334. "Night Of Light" by Philip Jose Farmer
  335. "Diaspora" by Greg Egan
  336. "Guardians Of Time" by Poul Anderson
  337. "Virtual Death" by Shale Aaron
  338. "White Mars" by Brian W. Aldiss and Roger Penrose
  339. "The Madness Season" by C. S. Friedman
  340. "Mars Plus" by Frederik Pohl and Thomas T. Thomas
  341. "The Shift" by George Foy
  342. "Northwind" by Gwyneth Jones
  343. "Second Foundation" by Isaac Asimov
  344. "Eternity Road" by Jack McDevitt
  345. "Crescent City Rhapsody" by Kathleen Ann Goonan
  346. "The Braided World" by Kay Kenyon
  347. "Fifty Degrees Below" by Kim Stanley Robinson
  348. "Cyberweb" by Lisa Mason
  349. "Sewer, Gas & Electric" by Matt Ruff
  350. "Wild Seed" by Octavia E. Butler
  351. "The Secret Of Life" by Paul J. McAuley
  352. "Software" by Rudy Rucker
  353. "Kingdom Of Cages" by Sarah Zettel
  354. "Echoes Of Earth" by Sean Williams and Shane Dix
  355. "Gibbon's Decline And Fall" by Sheri S. Tepper
  356. "Anti-Ice" by Stephen Baxter
  357. "Titan" by Stephen Baxter
  358. "Dark Water's Embrace" by Stephen Leigh
  359. "Bloom" by Wil McCarthy
  360. "The Player Of Games" by Iain M. Banks
  361. "Excession" by Iain M. Banks
  362. "Secret Passages" by Paul Preuss
  363. "The Eye Of The Queen" by Phillip Mann
  364. "Stained Glass World" by Kenneth Bulmer
  365. "Into Everywhere" by Paul J. McAuley
  366. "Super-State" by Brian W. Aldiss
  367. "Forty Thousand In Gehenna" by C. J. Cherryh
  368. "False Dawn" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  369. "Embers of War" by Gareth L. Powell
  370. "Macrolife" by George Zebrowski
  371. "Deathworld 2" by Harry Harrison
  372. "Old Twentieth" by Joe Haldeman
  373. "India's Story" by Kathlyn S. Starbuck
  374. "War Of Omission" by Kevin O'Donnell Jr.
  375. "Radio Freefall" by Matthew Jarpe
  376. "The Wreck Of The River Of Stars" by Michael Flynn
  377. "We All Died At Breakaway Station" by Richard C. Meredith
  378. "Between Planets" by Robert A. Heinlein
  379. "Down The Bright Way" by Robert Reed
  380. "Polymorph" by Scott Westerfield
  381. "Passion Play" by Sean Stewart
  382. "Space" by Stephen Baxter
  383. "Starburst" by Alfred Bester
  384. "The Deceivers" by Alfred Bester
  385. "Helliconia Winter" by Brian W. Aldiss
  386. "The Jennifer Morgue" by Charles Stross
  387. "Operation Ares" by Gene Wolfe
  388. "Fool's Hill" by Richard A. Lupoff
  389. "Freeware" by Rudy Rucker
  390. "Born Under Mars" by John Brunner
  391. "The Infinity Box" by Kate Wilhelm
  392. "The Far Shore Of Time" by Frederik Pohl
  393. "Distress" by Greg Egan
  394. "Adulthood Rites" by Octavia E. Butler
  395. "Glory" by Alfred Coppel
  396. "The Book Of Ptath" by A. E. Van Vogt
  397. "Redworld" by Charles L. Harness
  398. "The Godmakers" by Frank Herbert
  399. "Schild's Ladder" by Greg Egan
  400. "In Our Hands, The Stars" by Harry Harrison
  401. "Commitment Hour" by James Alan Gardner
  402. "Earth Made Of Glass" by John Barnes
  403. "Time Future" by Maxine McArthur
  404. "Convergent Series" by Larry Niven
  405. "After Doomsday" by Poul Anderson
  406. "Resurrection Man" by Sean Stewart
  407. "Absolution Gap" by Alastair Reynolds
  408. "Strength Of Stones" by Greg Bear
  409. "Conquistador" by S. M. Stirling
  410. "Lifehouse" by Spider Robinson
  411. "Nautilus" by Vonda N. McIntyre
  412. "Against The Odds" by Elizabeth Moon
  413. "The Flies Of Memory" by Ian Watson
  414. "Pictures At 11" by Norman Spinrad
  415. "The Web Between The Worlds" by Charles Sheffield
  416. "Hull Zero Three" by Greg Bear
  417. "A Talent For War" by Jack McDevitt
  418. "Tomorrow Is Too Far" by James White
  419. "The Rapture Effect" by Jeffrey A. Carver
  420. "Paradox" by John Meaney
  421. "The Ghost Brigades" by John Scalzi
  422. "Midnight Robber" by Nalo Hopkinson
  423. "Vulcan's Hammer" by Philip K. Dick
  424. "Blind Waves" by Steven Gould
  425. "Blue Limbo" by Terence M. Green
  426. "Where Time Winds Blow" by Robert Holdstock
  427. "Crazy Time" by Kate Wilhelm
  428. "Moving Target" by Elizabeth Moon
  429. "Let The Fire fall" by Kate Wilhelm
  430. "Mayflies" by Kevin O'Donnell Jr.
  431. "Doomstar" by Edmund Hamilton
  432. "Sunfall" by Jim Al-Khalili
  433. "Dark Universe" by Daniel F. Galouye
  434. "Heaven's Reach" by David Brin
  435. "The Heaven Makers" by Frank Herbert
  436. "Look To Windward" by Iain M. Banks
  437. "Candle" by John Barnes
  438. "Rift" by Kay Kenyon
  439. "Calculating God" by Robert J. Sawyer
  440. "Someone To Watch Over Me" by Tricia Sullivan
  441. "The Electric Crocodile" by D. G. Compton
  442. "Sleeping Giants" by Sylvain Neuvel
  443. "Real-Time World" by Christopher Priest
  444. "The Wizard Of Linn" by A. E. Van Vogt
  445. "Salt" by Adam Roberts
  446. "Chasm City" by Alastair Reynolds
  447. "Legacies" by Alison Sinclair
  448. "Orbitsville" by Bob Shaw
  449. "Earthworks" by Brian W. Aldiss
  450. "The Space Machine" by Christopher Priest
  451. "The Visitors" by Clifford D. Simak
  452. "Lincoln's Dreams" by Connie Willis
  453. "Bound In Time" by D. F. Jones
  454. "Infinity's Shore" by David Brin
  455. "Quantum Moon" by Denise Vitola
  456. "Deadly Image" by Edmund Cooper
  457. "Hunting Party" by Elizabeth Moon
  458. "Once A Hero" by Elizabeth Moon
  459. "Sinister Barrier" by Eric Frank Russell
  460. "The White Plague" by Frank Herbert
  461. "Wolfbane" by Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth
  462. "K-PAX" by Gene Brewer
  463. "Soldier Of Arete" by Gene Wolfe
  464. "Darwin's Children" by Greg Bear
  465. "Lightpaths" by Howard V. Hendrix
  466. "Open Prison" by James White
  467. "King David's Spaceship" by Jerry Pournelle
  468. "Janissaries" by Jerry Pournelle
  469. "There Is No Darkness" by Joe Haldeman and Jack C. Haldeman II
  470. "The Shift Key" by John Brunner
  471. "Einstein's Bridge" by John Cramer
  472. "Architects Of Memory" by Karen Osborne
  473. "Crossing The Line" by Karen Traviss
  474. "The World Before" by Karen Traviss
  475. "Maximum Ice" by Kay Kenyon
  476. "Nine By Laumer" by Keith Laumer
  477. "The Grain Kings" by Keith Roberts
  478. "The Fury Out Of Time" by Lloyd Biggle Jr.
  479. "Stations Of The Tide" by Michael Swanwick
  480. "Bones Of The Earth" by Michael Swanwick
  481. "Edenborn" by Nick Sagan
  482. "Ancients Of Days" by Paul J. McAuley
  483. "Pandora's Star" by Peter F. Hamilton
  484. "The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike" by Philip K. Dick
  485. "Chthon" by Piers Anthony
  486. "Macroscope" by Piers Anthony
  487. "Virgin Planet" by Poul Anderson
  488. "Satan's World" by Poul Anderson
  489. "The Rebel Worlds" by Poul Anderson
  490. "The Byworlder" by Poul Anderson
  491. "Chains Of Light" by Quentin Thomas
  492. "Kuldesak" by Richard Cowper
  493. "Metrophage" by Richard Kadrey
  494. "Assignment In Eternity" by Robert A. Heinlein
  495. "Bios" by Robert Charles Wilson
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