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Code Of Conduct

Copyright 1999 by Kristine Smith

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I first read this on the 12th February 2006.

Jani Kilian is in hiding, She avoids personal relationships, even tries to avoid learning her colleagues' first names. Her accommodation is temporary. She can drop everything and be out of there within minutes. At the first sign that someone knows too much more about her, she's ready to flee. She has cause, of course.

Almost twenty years ago, the diplomatic mission at Knevçet Shèràa was caught up in a civil war among the alien Idomeni. There was a bloodbath. The military know whom they blame and Jani Kilian is under a capital sentence. They are still looking for her, even after all these years.

Since those days her erstwhile lover Evan Van Reuter has risen high in the diplomatic hierarchy. Now he offers his help. He knows her secret and he can protect her.

However, that protection may now be insufficient. Both the government and the alien Idomeni have discovered that she is still alive. Both want her very, very badly.

Brilliant stuff. There's a lot happening - I wasn't able to read the book too casually (not of course that I ever would). Rather I found I had to pay attention, and like many things, doing so made it more enjoyable.

Our protagonist is a self-effacing, somewhat paranoid, slightly criminal character who slowly and unwillingly reveals herself to be a magnetic, powerful, irresistible force of righteousness.

Kristine fills the novel with sharp observations and draws lovely supporting characters: Evan van Reuter, Durian Ridgeway, Angevin, Betha and Steve. Meanwhile the alien Idomeni are impressive, compelling and well, scary. Furthermore this document analysis stuff is a blast.

Fab read.

What's it got? aliens with aliens ways of thinking, humans with human betrayals, a solid gold babe heroine, secret agent action scenes and gripping paper trails.

Loaded on the 29th March 2007.
Cover of Code Of Conduct
Cover art by Jean Pierre Targette

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