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Biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews


About SF Reviews

SF Reviews is my collection of reviews of Science Fiction novels. These are my reviews and are therefore biased and superficial.

  • If a novel contains perceptive criticism of the human condition, I probably skipped that page and failed, in my review, to draw attention to its incisive power
  • If character development took place I doubt I noticed it.
  • If there were radical technological or scientific concepts, maybe I read through to the end
  • If there were heroic deeds by ordinary people, then hey I was in there with them and it's ranked high.
  • If there was alien sex, I'm adult enough to handle that and no way would it have somehow clocked up an unjustifiably high SOJALS rating

I prefer paperbacks because they are so convenient. I want to read the book, not stroke its cover. I can slip a paperback into my briefcase, or jam it into my back pocket.

Actually times have changed. I love paperbacks for their occasionally-wonderful front and back covers. However, I read many books on my phone ereader and have found listening to audio books an enjoyable, albeit different, experience.

I review novels rather than short-stories (unless I make an exception which, of course, I am allowed to do).

Book reviews are uploaded every month*. Use the menu at top of the page to sign-up for the newsletter or check back in a few days and check the News to see what's new or Recent for what has been uploaded over the last few months.

*this is not entirely true