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All Clear

Copyright 2010 by Connie Willis

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I first read this in 2011 and most recently on the 14th February 2021

This is the sequel to "Blackout".

Connie continues her amazing tale of time travellers adrift during the Second World War. She details the daunting travails of both these visitors and the the real people bound to that awful time. Set primarily in London, we follow the desperate attempts of so many people just to survive, and the horror of our travellers as they come to believe that they can affect past events and indeed their actions may have resulted in Hitler's victory.

It is a delight as you come to realize that many small incidents that you had dismissed as simply filling are an integral part of the plot. You are left happy for our protagonists; immensely relieved for those who survived that terrible time, and with a deeper, emotional understanding of the horror of war.

Truly excellent!

Loaded on the 3rd May 2021.
Cover of All Clear
Cover art by Charles Brook/FaceOut Studio

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