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Dead Girls

Copyright 1992 by Richard Calder

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I first read this in 1993.

In the near future, the technology for humanoid robots and androids has advanced immeasurably. Of course the marketplace has ensured that these be used primarily as sex-toys for men. Thus the demand for closer and closer resemblance to human girls is overwhelming These creations are life-like but not yet human. With the aid of a "quantum core" a measure of self-awareness has been achieved. This self-awareness at a cost - there are side-effects, The dolls are vampires, they infect humans and human girls metamorphose at puberty into doll-like vampirellas, to be imprisoned or slaughtered to prevent further infection and to salve the public terror.

Our protagonist is the teenage Ignatz escaping with his true-love, Primavera, from the dark horrors of London to a faint hope of freedom in Thailand.

A coming of age adventure, a romance and a sado-masochistic satirical romp through the ruined streets of London and the backwaters of Bangkok.

Reading this by chance in the Nana Hotel was a magical experience. Calder certainly caught the spirit of the times. Almost made me seek something more than the Tequila. Heck, it did make me seek more than just the Tequila. Admittedly the Nana Hotel was perhaps a more respectable establishment than nowadays, and the Plaza was a quiet backwater for relaxed entertainment.

Loaded on the 17th February 2002.
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