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Copyright 1999 by James Alan Gardner

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I first read this in February 2000.

Faye Smallwood has lived on the planet Demoth all her life, and a very messed-up and wild life it has been. Now she's just as she's trying to make something of her life. unpleasant people seem to be trying to take it away. But with the assistance of the friendly alien Ooloms, a bizarre physical phenonomen, and Festina Ramos of the Explorer corp, Faye has a chance to survive, become a worthwhile person and save the world.

This is really rather good and certainly the best Gardner book so far. Admiral Festina Ramos guest-stars along with the League of Peoples. If you've read any of the other "Expendable" books you already love the Explorer Corp (a.ka. the Expendables) and their euphemism they use when one of them dies: 'He went "Oh shit"'? Why "Oh shit"? Because that's normally their last words.

The early sections are emotionally strong, with Faye's jocular and cynical style contrasting nicely with some real tragedy. Later the book becomes more exciting and fast-paced.

What's it got? several types of interesting aliens, unusual technology, androids and biological warfare.

Loaded on the 30th May 2001.
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