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The Accidental Time Machine

Copyright 2007 by Joe Haldeman

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I first read this on the 20th September 2008 and most recently on the 24th April 2010

Matthew Fuller has been wasting his time at MIT. He's pretty smart but instead of finishing his thesis, he's making do, working as a lab technician.

Of course, once his time machine is working he'll be wealthy and rich. Except that currently each time he uses it, he seems to sink further into crime.

In the future he'll meet the lovely Martha. She might actually make a man of him.

But first he'll have to escape the police, possibly the mafia, the AI known as "La" and even Jesus himself, reborn as ruler of a future America.

Well like all of Haldeman's novels, they lack affect, they do read as a little flat. When it's a war novel that can hint at strangled, suppressed and compressed emotions. When it's the Accidental Time Machine for young adults it's just, well, a little flat.

It is an enjoyable but lightweight read, but some great ideas aren't developed and it all feels a bit rushed.

Loaded on the 12th June 2022.
Cover of The Accidental Time Machine
Cover art by Craig White

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