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A Gift Upon The Shore

Copyright 1990 by M. K. Wren

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I first read this in January 2005 and most recently on the 14th March 2015

Following the nuclear war, civilization has collapsed across the US and the world. Almost everyone has died. Most of those who survived the bombs and the fallout succumb to disease and starvation in the long cold nuclear winter that follows.

Our protagonist Mary Hope tells a story of two indomitable women and their struggle after this holocaust to save their sanity and preserve their civilization over so many years. Now that preservation is threatened again. Mary is an old, old lady but she must still fight one last battle for science against ignorant bigotry, for civilized society and for the future.

What a thrilling but heartbreaking novel! I was caught up in the understated heroism of Mary and Rachel as they surmount one obstacle after another to survive and to give hope to the future. Yet so much is lost, foolishly thrown away. Fabulous. My hat off to you Martha Kay. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Loaded on the 29th March 2015.
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