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Steel Beach

Copyright 1991 by John Varley

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I first read this in 1995 and most recently in August 2001

Like most of humanity, since the Aliens took over the Earth, Hildy Johnson lives on the Moon. He's a reporter for the "News Nipple", a tabloid newspaper. He's got a good life, but he's bored, he's neurotic and maybe suicidal, and he's no idea why he's unhappy.

Of course there may be a few reasons for his unhappiness: the mysterious aliens, the possibly malfunctioning central computer and the secretive organisation of "Heinleiners" to name but three.

What a wonderful world Varley created here. When I think of this book, I don't think of the meandering plot, or even the characters, just the world and how excellent it seems.

Ok, it's not as good as "The Ophiuchi Hotline", how could it be?. But it's a memorable and powerful book. It will move you and make you think.

What's it got? aliens (in the distance at least), sex and sex-changing, artificial intelligence and artificial sex.

Loaded on the 23rd September 2001.
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