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Copyright 1988 by Janet Morris and Chris Morris

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I first read this on the 1st March 2009 and most recently in April 2017

InterSpace Tasking corporation (IST) specialises in space exploration and development. It's a powerful monopoly. In the hinterlands of space there's no government oversight and when it's all about the money people's lives don't count for much.

Still killing everyone on a world because of a rebellion is extreme.

Ranger Sgt Det Cox was involved in putting down that rebellion. Three years after that he's still traumatized and far from his best. Now the Rangers are going out again to another planet in trouble. What worries is Det is that the rebellion has the same pattern as before.

What also worries him is if he sees the same things that he thought he saw last time - strange impossible, alien things.

What's it got: Manly adventure, revolution and the undead. What more could you want?

Loaded on the 14th November 2021.
Cover of Outpassage
Cover art by John Berkey

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