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A Miracle Of Rare Design

Copyright 1994 by Mike Resnick

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I first read this in June 1997.

Xavier William Lennox is an explorer of alien societies. He's famous for worming his way into different cultures and revealing their secrets, whether or not the aliens wish them revealed.

On the planet Medina, his attempt to disguise himself as a native is uncovered and he is caught, tortured and left for dead.

Now the government want him to go back.

Bad. It's clearly intended for the juvenile market and for them it may be exciting. It's got alien worlds and weird alien physiologies (the Wheelers were amusing) and exotic cultures. It may be that it's a thought-provoking and exciting reading for a ten year-old. If you're teenage or above, just leave this book on the shelf.

Loaded on the 17th February 2001.
Cover of A Miracle Of Rare Design
Cover art by John Berkey

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