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False Dawn

Copyright 1978 by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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I first read this in July 1984 and most recently on the 9th September 2011

Althea and Evan struggle to survive in the wrecked United States after the worldwide ecological disaster of the early '80s. Food is scarce. Mutants - and most children are mutants these days - live in fear and hiding. Bands of contagious lepers roam the land. Marauding gangs kill and plunder intent on bringing down the remaining small pockets of civilisation.

Althea and Evan venture through this frozen land, pursued by nightmares and past deeds, searching for food and a non-existent place of refuge.

It's a thrilling yet heart-rending quest. That and the great babe on the book's cover helped to fix this in my memory.

Loaded on the 31st December 2014.
Cover of False Dawn
Cover art by Melvyn

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