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Rebel In Time

Copyright 1983 by Harry Harrison

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I first read this in November 1984 and most recently on the 20th March 2010

Sergeant Troy Harmon is transferred to QCIC, an intelligence oversight group. They're investigating Colonel Wesley McCulloch for his unusual purchases of gold bullion.

Quickly the investigation becomes much more serious as in addition to the suspicious behaviour, McCulloch becomes the suspect in a series of murders.

However, McCulloch has disappeared. Troy's investigations uncover secret temporal research that was being conducted at McCulloch's site. Troy deduces that McCulloch has fled not to another place, but to another time.

Finally Troy chases his chases his murder suspect into the past. Back to Virginia in 1859. That is where the renegade Colonel has begun his dastardly plan to change the course of history and win the Civil War for the South.

A fun little action adventure, strongly anti-racist but a bit dated even for even for the 1980's.

Loaded on the 20th January 2021.
Cover of Rebel In Time
Cover art by Richard Clifton-Day

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