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The Family Tree

Copyright 1997 by Sheri S. Tepper

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I first read this in April 1999 and most recently on the 25th September 2011

An evil lunatic in the future bends time itself to service his deranged desires. The world of today is changing around us in response to that lunatic's dastardly deed and risks everything good that our future holds. From that future time, a brave band of heroes ventures back in time to undo this wrongness. Amongst their number are Nassif - our narrator of that future quest - Izakar, Shahir and Elliane. To achieve success they will need of Dora Henry, polite and practical policewoman and this is the story of her fabulous adventure.

And an extremely enjoyable story it is too. It has a nice twist which was probably predictable to everyone but me. I got surprised by it both times I've read this book. Lovely observant and sensitive writing as you'd expect from Ms Tepper. Great stuff!

Loaded on the 31st December 2014.
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