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Copyright 2007 by Karen Traviss

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I first read this on the 3rd May 2008.

Shan, Ade and Aras continue to learn how to function as a loving triple. So that's the family stuff on the way to being sorted.

The obliteration commences of the Isenj on their homeworld. Then ten thousand brutal, fanatical Skavu arrive to hurry this process along. Ade and his cohort take objection to the merciless slaughter and Shan steps in to add a little weight to the proceedings.

Meantime, the Eqbas Vorhi are on their way to Earth to undo humanity's effects on the planet. If humanity fails to impress the Wess'har sufficiently with their commitment, the Wess'har will erase humanity, much as they are doing with the Isenj.

But apart from that there is little that happens. We're in a holding pattern for the next and I expect the last of the series.

In this the fifth novel in the Wess'har series, various parties form alliances to further their aims. With hindsight of course that may explain the title of the novel. I had unfortunately gone through almost the entire book awaiting the appearance of Alexandria who I'd assumed would be either the matriarchal mistress of some new race of environmentally-aware aliens. It was only the indefatigable Lyndsay Neville suggesting to Aras that they should become allies that made me realise that stick-wise I was at the wrong end, holding tightly.

There is one thing worth mentioning. In the cover illustration, the woman in battledress is wearing high heels. That's thoughtful, I think..

Loaded on the 6th July 2009.
Cover of Ally

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