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Against Gravity

Copyright 2005 by Gary Gibson

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I first read this on the 7th December 2006.

This was an astounding experience. I sort of enjoyed his previous book "Angel Stations" although with hindsight that was mainly for the title. So I expected that I'd quite like this, at the least that it would be worth reading.

No such luck. I had to give up half way through. Well a bit further than that actually - I got to page 373 (out of 524). I finally realised that it was terribly boring: everything happened at the same monotonous pace and it became increasingly irritating, with every opportunity for action or excitement assiduously avoided. My perception of the protagonist Kendrick is that whenever something challenging beckoned he either ducked or chickened out, but if he avoided both of those, the challenging event would turn out to be neither challenging nor notable.

I really was amazed at how bad this was and angry with myself that I read as much of the book as I did.

Loaded on the 23rd June 2007.
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