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To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars

Copyright 2020 by Christopher Paolini

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Sadly, I can't remember when I read this book.

Kir is an exobiologist and she's finally uncovered an alien life-form. Unfortunately this leads into a tough few days for Kira. She is forced into involuntary symbiosis with the alien and ends up murdering almost her entire crew, including her fiance. Now it seems the whole universe is chasing her.

She will have to struggle very hard to survive, and to save both Humanity and the alien Jellies from the uninhibited evil of the new Malformed alien attackers.

This was a pretty good read. Good writing, imaginative and exciting. However, I did think the plot stretched on a little too long, with incident after incident on its way to resolution. But, boy, what a resolution. It took me completely by surprise, was very satisfying and leads nicely into a sequel, I think.

Loaded on the 12th June 2022.
Cover of To Sleep In A Sea Of Stars