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Copyright 1999 by Mark Stiegler

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I first read this in 2 and most recently on the 18th July 2006

Twenty-five years ago a giant alien space craft came roaring into out Solar System, headed for Earth. When it was close enough it attacked. It obliterated London, Washington and other major Earth cities before Earth was finally able, almost by chance, to destroy it. This was the first Shiva ship.

Five years later, and every five years since, a sister craft roars once more into our space, bent on the same mission of destruction.

Almost all the resources of Earth are dedicated to the Earth Defense Force whose mission is to develop stronger weapons and tougher warriors to defeat the merciless invader.

No Shiva has ever been beaten by force of arms - each has been destroyed from within by saboteurs. The massive Earth Defense Agency fleets with their untold missiles of stupendous power exist only to ensure the delivery of those saboteur teams.

Two men control the defending forces. One of the two is General Samuels, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Earth Defense Agency. The other is Morgan MacBride, the man who destroyed the first Shiva. Our future rests on these two men and the desperate measures they take to ensure that through each attack, every five years, Earth endures.

I have a very soft spot for this novel. I have to admit that it has a comic book feel to it, but I like comic books. It's got action, melodrama but also humour. I love this idea of all the people of Earth contributing their ideas in realtime on the web (via castpoints aka delphiboards) as our brave warriors attack the latest Shiba. I really, really enjoyed reading it.

Loaded on the 16th December 2006.
Cover of Earthweb
Cover art by David Mattingly

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