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Ashes Of Victory

Copyright 2000 by David Weber

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I first read this on the 11th January 2002.

Honor Harrington is back from the dead. She lost an eye and an arm but was still capable of leading the escape of 400,000 prisoners from the prison planet Hell. The Alliance is reinvigorated by her return. Medals and awards flow like candy.

With Honor back in the saddle, the Alliance is ready to take the offensive once more against the Peoples' Republic. The Alliance has new ships, new missiles and new tactics. So far the Peoples' Republic has no idea what advances the Alliance has made.

Queen Elisabeth II continues reigning regally, Hamish Alexander nurses his unspoken love for our Honor and continues to command his navies with brilliance and compassion.

Meanwhile the evil empire, the Peoples' Republic, is demoralized and shaken. Conspiracies and paranoia are exhausting its leadership Rob Pierre remains in control of the Committee of Public Safety. His right-hand man Oscar Saint-Just is head of security. Esther McQueen retains control of the armed forces, but Oscar distrusts her, and is determined that she must be removed once her usefulness is exhausted.

With two empires entangled in a long-drawn-out war, battle is imminent. This time, with Honor returned and with its powerful weapons, the Alliance may finally win a decisive victory.

Heinlein in drag, or more precisely very long and courtly dresses. It's Girls with Guns. It's a military melodrama: fight wars, win titles and get rich. The novel goes on and on and almost nothing ever happens, Furthermore, reading about the social life of a Duchess's maid lacks the sense of wonder that I expect from science fiction.

Loaded on the 17th February 2002.
Cover of Ashes Of Victory
Cover art by David Mattingly

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