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The Light Of Other Days

Copyright 2000 by Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter

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I first read this in July 2000 and most recently in September 2001

A new invention allows remote-viewing anywhere, anytime. Privacy can no longer be guaranteed, secrets can no longer be safe. As you might imagine this causes some upheavals to the status quo.

Well I should have realised that Clarke and Baxter co-writing a book would result in a work of brilliance or mind-numbing boredom. It was of course the latter that resulted. There's half-a-dozen excellently imaginative ideas in this book, but they're examined to distraction, while the plot, suitable for a quick and dirty hundred pages is padded out to an exhausting three-hundred and sixty-eight.

I seem to recall that Childhood's End was something like this. I'll check that once I retrieve it from Wing One (currently, at this phase of the great cycle, inaccessible).

Some of you will love this, becoming filled with the majesty of the Universe unfolding in time and space from the pages of a book. Others will doze off.

Loaded on the 10th December 2001.
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