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A Season For Slaughter

Copyright 1992 by David Gerrold

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I first read this on the 2nd March 2009 and most recently on the 20th September 2010

This is the fourth novel of "The War Against The Chtorr" series. It was a long time coming but well worth it.

The Chttoran invasion is still in progress. Humankind is slowly being overrun, as little by little the Chtorran flora then the fauna encroach, invade and overcome.

While much of the world has either succumbed or is in denial, the US fights desperately on. Jim McCarthy is the in the front line as you'd expect, his friends dropping like flies around him. While fighting Chttorans he is also struggling against the incompetence and betrayal of his superiors.

Our hero sails up the Amazon in the Hieronymous Bosch, a giant airship, seeing the increasing infestation below and they head toward the massive Chtoor mandala city in Coari. As usual he's got relationship problems especially with the lovely General "Lizard" Tirelli. But in the midst of all his angst he still finds time to kill more Chtorrans that just about anybody else, and to explore an immense underground Chttoran bio-factory.

It was a long wait, but worth it. Pretty good as a novel, but fantastic to read as an epic across four volumes. I have been eagerly awaiting the fifth volume, long overdue, but apparently now published and due to arrive at the Max Library For Mankind real soon now (latest Amazon estimate seems to be November 2011).

Loaded on the 23rd March 2011.
Cover of A Season For Slaughter
Cover art by Gary Ruddell

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