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Attack Surface

Copyright 2020 by Cory Doctorow

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I first read this on the 20th March 2021.

In a dystopian future Masha Maximow, genius hacker, works on the surveillance software that her corporate employer sells to government security forces, any government, now matter how evil. She knows full well that this is immoral but it does pay well, very well indeed. In her spare time she plays at supporting moral causes. At some point however her job and her hobby are going to come into direct and dangerous conflict. People she cares about will be in harm's way. Will she go with the money or stand with her friends?*

All very stimulating, but, in my view the novel lacks a little emotional depth.

I rather support Cory's expressed pursuits and beliefs. Certainly I thought his comment about the current state of London spot on, although probably true throughout London's history:

  "London is a city whose two priorities are being a playground for corrupt global
  elites who turn neighbourhoods into soulless collections of empty safe-deposit
  boxes in the sky, and encouraging the feckless criminality of the finance industry.
  These two facts are not unrelated."

A brilliant, sparkling jet coaster ride through the perils of ungoverned and unlimited surveillance. It really is rather good.

* Hint: she's already got loads of money

Loaded on the 3rd May 2021.
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