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Biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews


Copyright 1998 by Laura J. Mixon

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I first read this in March 2000 and most recently in May 2000

Carli Macleod is a scientist. She invented the "omni" instantaneous communication system. Although requiring great power to operate, it has changed the world's communications

On Earth in the near future, Daniel Sorenson works on a top-secret project developing "proxies" - humanoid androids that provide full-sensory feedback to their controller. There's a problem: a renegrade controller has stolen one of the androids and plans to use it to kill Carli.

Exodus is the world's first interstellar spaceship. It is just about to be launched on its maiden (and only) voyage,

On the space-station Kaleidas, a group of scientists work secretly with their proteges, a special group of children who have spent their whole life online to proxies, their real bodies atrophied and unusable. They have discovered a way of prolonging life, although there are complications. Their plan? To hijack the Exodus, escaping from Earth.

This is a good book. It's not particularly deep and thoughful, but it's full of action, a great fast-paced read. The psychological problems in Pablo's and Buddy's relationship are described and handled very well.

What's it got? direct interfacing to the brain, super-powerful androids, life extension, 3D TVs, space travel and a little of instantaneous communication.

No aliens. No (significant) sex, but "muscle dancing" which is an interesting if tiring performance art.

Loaded on the 21st May 2001.
Cover of Proxies

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