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Chaos Come Again

Copyright 1996 by Wilhelmina Baird

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I first read this in 1998 and most recently on the 10th August 2001

Daisy Smith, doctor and intrepid explorer is in search of her ex-husband and nefarious criminal, Ice. Hopping through the multiverse with Daisy is her alien symbiote, and Jones the journalist, recently acquired and definitely unwanted, and his alien symbiote, and their ship Windrunner and its symbiote. In their search for the ex, they suffer trials and tribulation, rescuing individuals and indeed entire civilisations as circumstances demand.

Well these symbiotes are pretty powerful creatures, they provide their owners with near physical immunity, shape-changing ability, telepathy and teleportation. Since most people of the future have a symbiote, the universe has become a wild, wierd and chaotic place.

Well, the trouble with everyone being superhuman and invulnerable is that it's hard to maintain dramatic tension when you've no idea what can happen next, what super-ability will get them out of the current mess, and so boredom can set in rapidly.

In fact, Wilhelmina makes quite a good job of this. Daisy comes over as a believable character. It's a fast ride, a giggle, but not my sort of book.

Loaded on the 23rd September 2001.
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Cover art by Bruce Jensen

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