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Infinity Beach

Copyright 2000 by Jack McDevitt

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I read this in February 2001.

Human civilisation on the planet Greenaway has done well. People live for a couple of hundred years and life is good. But no alien life-forms have ever been discovered anywhere and there's an increasingly pervasive belief that humankind are alone in the universe, thus the searching has largely been abandoned.

Dr Kimberly Brandywine's clone-sister was on the last hunt for alien life but died mysteriously on her return. Provoked into finding out what happened to her sister, she slowly uncovers the answers culminating in a desperate search in the depths of space.

"Infinity Beach" is a detective novel with a dash of alien first contact. As such it isn't really my style. On one hand it was a fun read - I ran through it in a day. On the other hand, it was not credible and I read it with a vague sense of annoyance. I just can't fathom why anyone would steal a starship to go running off through hyperspace searching for aliens while completely ignoring the one you've just found at home. [Oh, apologies, I've just given away some of the plot. At least you don't have to read the book now.]

Loaded on the 25th February 2001.
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