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All Systems Red

Copyright 2017 by Martha Wells

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I first read this on the 14th January 2020.

This is book one of the Murderbot Diaries series.

Our protagonist is a cyborg Security Unit - colloquially known as a Murderbot. It has a distaste for the puny, emotional humans for whom it has worked or rather slaved. As a cyborg it has the same zero rights as any robot or AI.

Having disabled its internal software governor that kept it in line, our Murderbot is now quite clear that it doesn't like being told what to do, especially when that entails killing humans and frequently suffering brutal damage to its own body. As a rogue Murderbot, as long as it can evade capture, it is free to indulge its passion for watching soap operas. Of course, it remains a supremely-competent killing machine albeit with a very sensitive personality.

This was a refreshing delight. I promptly read "Artificial Condition", "Rogue Protocol", "Exit Strategy" and I'm just finishing "Network Effect". They're all both gripping and hilarious. Immensely enjoyable. I can see myself rereading them all very soon.

Loaded on the 6th March 2021.
Cover of All Systems Red
Cover art by Jaime Jones