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Shards of Earth

Copyright 2021 by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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I first read this on the 1st April 2021.

This is the first volume of "The Final Architects" series.

Humanity's dominion has extended across many worlds. Travel through Unspace has bypassed the speed of light limitation. But now gigantic planet-scale alien monsters attack through Unspace, destroying worlds. Against them stands an alliance of human military and two rather different groups. One group were the Intermediaries who, because of their Unspace abilities could surveil and subvert the Architects. The final group in the alliance were the Parthani, a genetically-engineered breed of superior women warriors Together they threw themselves selflessly into battle against the overwhelming might of the Architects. Finally, together, they won the war.

The survivors of the battle retuned as heroes, feted by the public. But the public wanted to forget the horrors of this war and, as time passed, the public's view of Intermediaries and the Parthani changed from acclamation to abhorrence. The people those heroes fought and died to protect do not want to be reminded of the horrors and the terrible costs of war. Far better to forget the war, and its heroes.

Solace is a Parthani. With her was Idris, one of the intermediaries. Together they fought the Architects but now Solace and her Parthani are slandered and ostracised and Idris' kin are indentured and enslaved.

Will anyone listen to Idris when he tries to tell that the Architects are returning?

What struck me immediately was that the writing was targeted to a young adult audience. I don't recall feeling this about his earlier books, for example "Children Of Time" (but perhaps I was younger?). However it was an entertaining read built around an engrossing premise.

Loaded on the 12th June 2022.
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