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Abaddon's Gate

Copyright 2012 by James S. A. Corey

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I first read this on the 7th July 2019 and most recently on the 30th November 2019

This the third novel in the Expanse series.

The protomolecule on Venus has ejected a gigantic mass from the planet that has transformed into an incredible artefact - the Ring - on the edge of the solar system.

Earth, Mars and the Belt all want to explore and exploit whatever this creation offers. The political and military tensions ratchet up as all converge on the Ring, especially as someone seems to be destroying Belter ships.

We can expect Holden and the crew of the Rocinante to sort all this out, but it's impossible to see how.

Oh blow me down, Corey has does it again. Brilliant, gripping, surprising and immensely exciting (as, I'm very pleased to say, the TV Expanse series has also proved to be).

Loaded on the 22nd December 2020.
Cover of Abaddon's Gate